Seemingly Still, LP (2021)

Laszlo Umbreit, Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat

Seemingly Still is a 2 track LP released by audioMER and ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts.

Laszlo Umbreit
Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat
featuring The Ramirez Brothers

Distributed by N.E.W.S


Mixing by Laszlo Umbreit
Mastering by Frederic Alstadt at Ångström Mastering
Design by D.E.A.L

Published by ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts and audioMER.
Produced by Messidor
Distributed by
Supported by The Flemish Government

Copyright © 2021 The artists, ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts and audioMER.

A Side (22:40): Miroir Seb Fragile!
Music from the film Miroir Séb Fragile ! by Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat, Brussels, 2017

Miroir Séb Fragile ! is a music film that was made in memory of cinematographer Sébastien Koeppel (1971–2013). It was filmed by Artur Castro Freire and Boris Belay on various 16mm film stock collected by Koeppel. The music was played live by The Ramirez Brothers in a two-day recording session at Beursschouwburg, Brussels.
Guitar: Uzi Ramirez
Drums: Kitkit Ramirez
Trumpet: Sefi Ramirez
Electronics: Laszlo Umbreit
Recorded by Ruben Vandermeulen & Laszlo Umbreit, June 2016

B Side (22:15): Seemingly Still
Sound piece based on a four hands macro stereo recording of a 16mm film projector playing the film Miroir Seb Fragile !

Drums: Eitan Efrat
Sound processing (no additional electronic sounds): Laszlo Umbreit
16mm film projector recorded at LaboBXL, July 2020
Drums recorded at Level Five, Brussels, November 2020


To Rhh bandcamp page where you can buy the LP and more to information here.