Miroir Séb Fragile ! (2017)

Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat

16mm film, color, 4:3, stereo sound, BE, 2017, 22’

Miroir Séb Fragile ! is a music-film made in memory of cinematographer Sébastien Koeppel. The film was shot in a two-day recording session that was an experimentation in improvisation—in music and in image making. It was filmed on Koeppel’s various 16mm film stocks, some of which were long expired. The music was played live by The Ramirez Brothers. The recordings were added a layer of interpretation and manipulation by Laszlo Umbreit. The filming was made by Artur Castro Freire and Boris Belay and hand processed and manipulated by Artur Castro Freire and Eitan Efrat.

The work is an invitation to gather around the event of film projection and music. In between absence and presence, text comes into view, creating a direct passage for the light.

The soundtrack of the film is included in the LP Seemingly Still released by audioMER and Argos, distributed by N.E.W.S distribution.

Selected exhibitions and screenings:

Artport Tel Aviv 2020; Argos Brussels 2020; Brakke Grond Amsterdam 2019; EMAF Osnabrück 2018; Doclisboa 2017; Cinema Nova Brussels 2017; Les Brigittines Brussels 2017.