Looking at Laughing Through, Hétpróba (1981-1982) by Dóra Maurer, publication (2021)

Sonja Simonyi, Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat

Looking at Laughing Through, Hétpróba (1981-1982) by Dóra Maurer

Hétpróba / Seven Trials is a wonderful, yet rarely shown film by Dóra Maurer, presented as part of Nurture on 14th October. The film has been freshly scanned with English subtitles by The Hungarian National Film Archive especially for this event.
On the occasion of this special screening –in collaboration with Sofia Dati and Beursschouwburg–Sonja, Sirah and Eitan will be launching Looking at Laughing ThroughHétpróba (1981-1982) by Dóra Maurer a publication produced by Messidor and designed by Alessandra Ghiringhelli. This booklet features reflections on Hétpróba by Sonja Simonyi and an interview with Dóra Maurer about her experiences of making the film.